An Idea is Born

The idea for Carousel Horses came to me in 2008 while visiting friends in Sarasota, Florida. During our trip we went to the Ringling Brothers Circus Museum and were amazed by the animals and beautiful costumes on display. On a circus kick we decided to venture to Baraboo, Wisconsin for the Circus World Museum.

It felt like everywhere I turned there was something circus related and that’s when the idea popped into my head. “Why not dress up real horses as Carousel Horses?” I mentioned the idea to my friend and professional horse trainer, Jill McCrae. She loved it, and that’s how the idea for Carousel Horses was born.

Our first year started with a simple black background, then a carousel pole was added. The second year we built an entire set to showcase the horses, and now the 2012 Calendar is even more elaborate with beautiful dressings and exciting poses. I think everyone involved had fun, especially the models that always perform magnificently!


2012 Gallery


2011 Gallery


2010 Gallery